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Ammonium Salts as Phase Transfer CatalystsFluorination Reagents

Tetramethylammonium fluoride tetrahydrate, 98% | CAS: 17787-40-5

SDS Specifications Cat. No. 499800 CAS 17787-40-5 MF C4H12FN·4H2O MW 165.20 Properties Melting Point 39-42°C 760.0mmhg Flash Point 113°C 760.0mmhg EINECS 206-769-0 Beilstein 3916184 MDL MFCD00149968 Safety Information Symbol GHS07...
$27.30 $16.38
Fluorination Reagents

(2-Phenylpropan-2-yloxy)(trifluoromethyl)thioether, 95% [CAS: 1640084-14-5]

SDS Specifications Cat. No. 999097 CAS 1640084-14-5 MF C10H11F3OS MW 236.25 Properties Melting Point 29-33°C 760.0mmhg Safety Information Symbol GHS07 GHS02 Signal Word Warning Hazard Statements H226 H315 H319 H335...
Fluorination ReagentsPyridine

N-(2-Pyridyl)bis(trifluoromethanesulfonimide), 98% [CAS: 145100-50-1]

SDS Specifications Cat. No. 951173 CAS 145100-50-1 MF C7H4F6N2O4S2 MW 358.24 Synonym 2-[N,N-Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)amino]pyridine, N,N-Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)-2-pyridylamine Properties Melting Point 40-42°C 760.0mmhg Boiling Point 80-90°C 0.25mmhg Flash Point 110°C 760.0mmhg Beilstein 5832565 MDL...
Fluorination ReagentsSale

Tetrabutylammonium dihydrogen trifluoride, 90% [CAS: 99337-56-1]

SDS Specifications Cat. No. 942516 CAS 99337-56-1 MF C16H38F3N MW 301.47 Properties Flash Point 13°C 760.0mmhg Beilstein 19242326 MDL MFCD00145365 Safety Information Symbol GHS05 GHS07 Signal Word Danger Hazard Statements...
$18.30 $10.98
Fluorination Reagents

4-Bromo-2,5-difluoroanisole, 99% [CAS: 202865-60-9]

SDS Specifications Cat. No. 929663 CAS 202865-60-9 MF C7H5BrF2O MW 223.02 Synonym 1-Bromo-2,5-difluoro-4-methoxybenzene Properties Melting Point 61-64°C 760.0mmhg Beilstein 10062959 MDL MFCD00143258 Safety Information Symbol GHS07 Signal Word Warning Hazard...
Fluorination Reagents

Fluorosulfonyldifluoroacetic acid silver(I) salt, 98% [CAS: 120832-12-4]

SDS Specifications Cat. No. 2763570 CAS 120832-12-4 MF C2AgF3O4S MW 284.95 Properties Safety Information TSCA 0
Fluorination Reagents

Fluorosulfonyldifluoroacetic acid copper(II) salt, 98% [CAS: 1629684-53-2]

SDS Specifications Cat. No. 2763569 CAS 1629684-53-2 MF C4CuF6O8S2 MW 417.71 Properties Safety Information TSCA 0

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